About MEF

Metropolitan Education Foundation (MEF) aim to bring globalization of education to the doorsteps of those aspiring students who aim to study abroad. We at MEF help students in securing their admissions by choosing rights courses at the right institutions in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe. The specialized team at MEF and education advisors ensure that each aspect of university applications is well addressed and each student achieves his/her ambitions. MEF provides with a substantial and unique opportunity for young people to achieve specific learning objectives and experience a period of personal discovery in an environment which is motivating to students. Since its inception, MEF has facilitated over 5000 students in winning scholarships worth 40 million $ and securing admissions in universities across Australia, Canada, Europe, UK and USA.


MEF works with a mission to bring world-class education and academic excellence closer to qualified students who wish to pursue international higher education in the field of Arts, Humanities, Management, Science and Technology.